Contoh Soalan Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris PSEE

Peperiksaan Online Kemasukan Perkhidmatan Awam (PSEE) biasanya akan melibatkan beberapa seksyen. Namun, sukacita dimaklumkan sukatan, format dan bentuk soalan akan berbeza bagi setiap jawatan dan juga tahun peperiksaan.

Segalanya adalah bergantung dengan kehendak dan keperluan Kementerian dan Jabatan dalam Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia. Ia seringkali berbeza kerana mahu menyenaraikan calon yang benar-benar layak sebelum ke peringkat seterusnya, iaitu temuduga.

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Contoh Soalan Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris PSEE

Kebiasaanya peperiksaan online yang dikendalikan oleh Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam (SPA) akan melibatkan tiga seksyen utama iaitu:

  • Seksyen Pengetahuan Am
  • Seksyen Daya Penyelesaian Masalah
  • Seksyen Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris

Dan adakalanya, pihak SPA akan memanggil calon berkelayakan akademik untuk menjalani satu ujian khas iaitu Ujian Psikometrik.

Daripada pengalaman lampau membantu calon-calon yang akan berhadapan dengan peperiksaan online SPA, banyak calon yang terkandas pada seksyen Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris.

Jelas menunjukkan ramai calon yang tidak menguasai Bahasa Inggeris dengan baik sehingga tidak mampu mencapai markah lulus yang ditentukan.

Jika anda merupakan calon yang terlibat dengan peperiksaan online yang mengandungi seksyen Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris, berikut ada beberapa contoh soalan sebagai panduan.

Contoh Soalan Peperiksaan Online Seksyen Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris

Contoh Soalan Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris PSEE

1. Christine has three dogs and two cats. They are all brown, but one of the dogs has spots. His name is Spot. Which of the following is true?

A) Christine has three animals in total.
B) Christine has more cats than dogs.
C) One of Christine’s cats is black.
D) All of Christine’s dogs have spots.

2. Please read the following sentence.

Once Norizan lifted her pen and made a start, writing the essay became easy.

If we change the start of the sentence to:
Writing the essay became easy..

What will the ending be?

A) after starting.
B) after lifting her pen.
C) once Norizan lifted her pen and made a start.
D) once she lifted her pen and made a start.

3. Where ___________ Fatin Hananie live?

A) are
B) is
C) do
D) does

4. Hafiz Hakimi _____________ English, Mandarin and a bit of Arabic.

A) speaks
B) speak
C) speaking
D) is speaking

5. I have only a ____________ Kaamatan cards left to write.

A) few
B) fewer
C) less
D) little

Read the following paragraphs to answer the next four questions (Questions 6 – 9).

“Anne,” cried Mary, still at her window, “there is Mrs Clay, I am sure, standing under the colonnade, and a gentleman with her. I saw them turn the corner from Bath Street just now. They seemed deep in talk. Who is it? Come, and tell me. Good heavens! I recollect. It is Mr Elliot himself.” “No,” cried Anne, quickly, “it cannot be Mr Elliot, I assure you. He was to leave Bath at nine this morning, and does not come back till to-morrow.”

As she spoke, she felt that Captain Wentworth was looking at her, the consciousness of which vexed and embarrassed her, and made her regret that she had said so much, simple as it was.

Mary, resenting that she should be supposed not to know her own cousin, began talking very warmly about the family features, and protesting still more positively that it was Mr Elliot, calling again upon Anne to come and look for herself, but Anne did not mean to stir, and tried to be cool and unconcerned. Her distress returned, however, on perceiving smiles and intelligent glances pass between two or three of the lady visitors, as if they believed themselves quite in the secret. It was evident that the report concerning her had spread, and a short pause succeeded, which seemed to ensure that it would now spread farther.

“Do come, Anne” cried Mary, “come and look yourself. You will be too late if you do not make haste. They are parting; they are shaking hands. He is turning away. Not know Mr Elliot, indeed! You seem to have forgotten all about Lyme.”

To pacify Mary, and perhaps screen her own embarrassment, Anne did move quietly to the window. She was just in time to ascertain that it really was Mr Elliot, which she had never believed, before he disappeared on one side, as Mrs Clay walked quickly off on the other; and checking the surprise which she could not but feel at such an appearance of friendly conference between two persons of totally opposite interest, she calmly said, “Yes, it is Mr Elliot, certainly. He has changed his hour of going, I suppose, that is all, or I may be mistaken, I might not attend;” and walked back to her chair, recomposed, and with the comfortable hope of having acquitted herself well.

From ‘Persuasion’, by Jane Austen.

6. Anne does not believe it is Mr Elliot whom Mary sees from the window because

A) Mary does not know what Mr Elliot looks like.
B) Mr Elliot was to have left Bath earlier that day.
C) it was highly unlikely that Mr Elliot would be a friend of Mrs Clay.
D) A and B together.

7. Anne obviously knows Mr Elliot quite well for all the following reasons EXCEPT

A) she has knowledge of his travel plans.
B) she shows discomfort at Mary spotting him.
C) she is sensitive to what the other ladies might know.
D) she had been speaking about Mr Elliot to others in the room.

8. Anne finally goes to the window because

A) she knows in her heart that it really is Mr Elliot.
B) she wishes to prove Mary wrong.
C) she wishes to calm Mary and cover up her own lack of composure.
D) Mary frets that Mr Elliot will disappear from view.

9. From what occurs it can be inferred that Anne

A) couldn’t care less about Mr Elliot.
B) had not known Mr Elliot long enough to recognise him.
C) is attracted to Mr Elliot.
D) is uncomfortable at Mr Elliot’s behaviour.

Daripada contoh-contoh soalan peperiksaan online di atas, adakah anda merupakan calon yang bakal tercicir sebagai calon paling layak?

Untuk itu, sebagai calon yang dipanggil untuk PSEE dan peperiksaan tersebut akan mempunyai seksyen Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris, pastikan anda mendapatkan pakej rujukan yang dapat membantu anda.

Gunakan rujukan supaya anda mampu membuat persediaan awal dan rapi sebelum peperiksaan sebenar.

Ramai gagal kerana ambil mudah. Jangan jadi seorang calon yang sombong dan terlalu yakin. Peperiksaan ini adalah untuk membolehkan anda terpilih sebagai calon bagi mengisi jawatan yang anda selama ini idamkan.

Usah abaikan.

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