Mar 26, 2021

Contoh Soalan Seksyen Bahasa Inggeris PSEE Pembantu Pertahanan Awam KP19

Persediaan Peperiksaan Online (PSEE) Pembantu Pertahanan Awam KP19. Anda terlibat dengan peperiksaan SPA untuk jawatan Pembantu Pertahanan Awam KP19 dijadualkan pada 7 April 2021?

Jika Ya, mungkin anda patut melakukan persediaan rapi dari sekarang, terutama Seksyen B iaitu Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris yang sering menjerat calon KP19.

Contoh Soalan PSEE Pembantu Pertahanan Awam KP19

Persediaan PSEE Pembantu Pertahanan Awam KP19

Peperiksaan online untuk jawatan ini akan diadakan pada 7 April 2021. Ia melibatkan dua seksyen utama iaitu Daya Menyelesaikan Masalah dan juga Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris.

Soalan untuk seksyen B, biasanya akan menguji calon dari segi pengetahuan calon mengenai tatabahasa, penggunaan ayat, penggunaan perkataan selain daripada pemahaman calon terhadap teks berperenggan disediakan.

Contoh soalan teks berperenggan adalah seperti berikut:

Title : Foreign Immigrants

The existence of more than two million foreign immigrants (both legal and illegal) causes major concern of certain parties in the nation. The labor sector for example is monopolized by foreign workers including construction works, house maids, production lines, field work, agriculture and services. The increasing number of incoming immigrants implicates many things.

On the positive side, there are benefits of having foreign laborers. Among the benefits of foreign labor is how cheap they are. With reduced labor costs, it will eventually result in lower production costs. Foreign laborers are also considered productive an efficient as they are known not to complain much. Furthermore, they are considered robust with their willingness to do a multitudes general works which are otherwise considered dirty, dangerous and require a great amount of strength.

In addition, foreign workers are known to have contributed to the Nation’s development. They also help with the public elections. In the long run, foreign immigrants help with the diplomatic relations between countries. Despite all the benefits mentioned, foreign labor is known to cause a lot of problems. With general labor works and services being monopolized by foreign workers, the job market is severely limited for Malaysians to even consider. At times, proper documents are absent for these foreigners which results in numerous issues later on. Furthermore, a lot of foreign workers comprise of incompetent human resource, restricting them to only perform general works or typical labor i.e. cleaning.

With the influx of immigrants, it is difficult to keep track; arising certain issues such as the laborers’ welfare, etc. are usually caught in disregard. This is evident with cases of physical abuse of foreign maids for example.

Implications are further evident with the involvement of crime, prostitution and drug trafficking by foreign immigrants. What’s worse is the existence of middlemen, job agencies and corrupt government officials who are simply irresponsible with so many immigrants that are not accounted for.

In conclusion, it can be said that the existence of foreign immigrants have its benefits and as well as downsides. However, the peace and prosperity of our nation must be well-balanced and maintained in order to address this issue.

Daripada petikan teks di atas, soalan mungkin akan ditanya seperti di bawah ini:

1. The categories below are jobs commonly monopoly by foreign workers except:

A. House Maids
B. Agriculture
C. Construction
D. Executive

2. What are the qualities most love by employers when it comes to foreign immigrants?

A. Picking jobs
B. Adaptable to different general works
C. Inefficient
D. Posses high academic

3. Below are major issues concerning foreign labor except

A. Monopolizing labor jobs
B. Illegal entries into the country
C. Limited education level
D. High wage

Apa yang dikongsikan cuma sekadar memberikan gambaran mengenai bentuk soalan seksyen B - Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris untuk peperiksaan online Pembantu Pertahanan Awam.

Soalan juga akan ditanya dalam bentuk berikut:

1. He stopped _______ to us. We spent 10 minutes having a really nice chat before he moved on again.

A. talking
B. to talk
C. talks
D. talked

2. It ___ a beautiful day today.

A. is
B. has
C. am
D. are

3. They're not here. They ________ right now.

A. go to school
B. swim at the beach
C. are on holiday
D. took a bath

Buat anda yang memang fasih berbahasa Inggeris, seksyen ini mungkin tidak menjadi masalah. Namun, jika anda mahu dapatkan lebih keyakinan dengan membuat latih-tubi contoh-contoh soalan sepertimana calon lain sebelum ini lakukan, boleh gunakan pakej rujukan di bawah ini:

Rujukan PSEE Pembantu Pertahanan Awam KP19


Pakej rujukan ini khas disediakan sebagai persediaan kepada calon peperiksaan PSEE jawatan Pembantu Pertahanan Awam KP19.

Ia merupakan edisi kemaskini untuk 2021, selaras dengan beberapa penambahbaikkan di dalam perkhidmatan awam Malaysia.

Pakej rujukan ini merangkumi SEMUA SEKSYEN terlibat untuk PSEE April 2021. Ia mengandungi contoh-contoh soalan beserta jawapan.

Malah, untuk seksyen A - Daya Menyelesaikan Masalah, pakej rujukan turut menyertakan bersama ringkasan rumus atau formula matematik penting yang akan menjimatkan masa calon ketika peperiksaan sebenar.

Jika anda adalah calon terbabit dengan PSEE untuk Pembantu Pertahanan Awam gred KP19 dijadualkan pada April ini, gunakan kesempatan yang ada untuk buat ulangkaji dan juga latih-tubi menggunakan pakej rujukan ini.

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